Thursday, February 25, 2010

Complete Daniel Menche Discography
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Recordings (CD-LP-Tape)

2017 SLEEPER triple CD Sige Records and (Bandcamp)
2016 CRATER CD - with Mamiffer Sige Records (Bandcamp)
2016 CAVE CANEM  Bandcamp and Itunes
2015 CATALEPSY Japan tour CDr and Bandcamp
2014 MAMIFFER LIVE through Daniel Menche cassette and Bandcamp
2013 VILKE Double LP Sige Records (Bandcamp Link)
2013 Marriage of Metals LP Mego eMEGO (Bandcamp Link)
2012 GUTS CD/Double LP Mego eMEGO (Bandcamp Link)
2011 YAGUA OVY with Anla Courtis MIE Music MIE 007 (Bandcamp Link)
2011 Feral CD Sub Rosa Recordings (Bandcamp Link)
2010 Blood of the Land 3"cd Ferns Records (BandCamp Link)
2010 Terre Paroxysn CD Utech Recordings (Bandcamp Link)
2009 Stalemate - Mike Shiflet CD Sonoris Recordings (Bandcamp Link)
2009 Odradek CD Beta-lactam Ring (BandCamp Link)
2009 Kataract CD Mego eMEGO
2010 Kataract (Alpha Mix) EditionsMego DeMEGO 008V (BandCamp Link)
2008 UNLEASH CD - with Zbigniew Karkowski  Alien8 Recordings (Bandcamp Link)
2008 Cerberic Doxology -with Joe Preston LP/CD/DVD Discourage-Anthem Records (Bandcamp Link)
2008 Body Melt LP Important imprec175 (BandCamp Link)
2008 Progeny of Flies -with Andrew Liles CD Beta-lactam Ring mt205 (Bandcamp Link)
2008 Glass Forest CD Important imprec176 (BandCamp Link)
2007 Gauntlet -with Kevin Drumm CD Mego eMEGO 088
2007 Wolf's Milk CD Utech URCD007 (BandCamp Link)
2007 Bleeding Heavens CD Blossoming Noise bn026CD (BandCamp Link)
2007 Animality CD 006 (Bandcamp Link)
2006 For the Beasts CDr 3" P tapes P66
2006 Deluge and Sunder CD Beta-lactam Ring mt137 (BandCamp Link)
2006 Creatures of Cadence CD Crouton Music crou032 (Bandcamp Link)
2006 Jugularis CD Important imprec103 (BandCamp Link)
2006 Raijin -with KK Null CD Asophodel ASP 2035 (Bandcamp Link)
2006 Concussions 2xCD Asphodel ASP 2031 (BandCamp Link)
2006 Beast Resonator CD Roggbif RR014 (BandCamp Link)
2006 Fractured Limbs 7" Anthem Records
2006 Kanticle CD 3" Ferns Records (BandCamp Link)
2006 Wings on Fire CD Tantric Harmonies TANTRA X33 (BandCamp Link)
2005 Scather CDr 3" Taalem alm 23
2006 Radiant Blood 10" Substantia Innominata SUB-01
2005 Scattered Remains: Early Rarities 2xCD Soleilmoon SOL 139 CD (BandCamp Link)
2005 Flaming Tongues CD Blossoming Noise bn007CD (BandCamp Link)
2005 Sirocco CD Important imprec046 (Bandcamp Link)
2005 Together We Shall Melt Mountains with Our Blood CD waySTYX WR13 (BandCamp Link)
2004 Drunk Gods CD EP Lapilli lapcd 2 (BandCamp Link)
2004 Behold the Scathing Light -with John Wiese CD 3" Helicopter H 31
2004 Hope and Prey CD 3" Soleilmoon SOL 135 CD (BandCamp Link)
2004 Voke CDr 3" Authorized Version AV014
2004 Song of Jike -with Kiyoshi Mizutani CD Mountainoceansun NIKO 04 (Bandcamp Link)
2004 Eye on the Steel CD Substractif SUBSF07 (BandCamp Link)
2004 Skadha CD Antifrost afro2023 (BandCamp Link)
2003 Garden -with Kiyoshi Mizutani CD Auscultare Research aus-019 (Bandcamp Link)
2003 Invoker CD BUY Antifrost afro2016 (BandCamp Link)
2003 Deluge LP Beta-lactam Ring mt043
2003 Beautiful Blood CD Alien8 ALIENCD36 (BandCamp Link)
2003 Ram Horns Shape CDr 3" Banned Production BPDM4
2003 You Misunderstood Me First -with Damion Romero CDr 3" Banned Production BPDM3
2002 Absolute Vehenemence Shape CD 3" MSBR MR37
2002 Heavy CDr 3" BUY Banned Production BPDM2 (BandCamp Link)
2002 The Face of Vehemence CD Ground Fault GF019 (BandCamp Link)
2001 October's Larynx CD Alluvial ALL07 (BandCamp Link)
2000 Crawling Towards the Sun CD EP Soleilmoon SOL 108 CD
2000 Black Wing CDr 3" Generator Sound Art GSA-06
1999 Rusty Ghosts 2x7" Ant-Zen/Duebel WH0L6
1998 Vent CD Or HOLD 5 (BandCamp Link)
1998 Scourge CD 3" G.M.B.H. GMBHCD 002
1998 Menche/John Hudak Split 7" Flenix FLR01
1997 Field of Skin CD BUY Soleilmoon SOL 58 CD (BandCamp Link)
1996 Screaming Caress CD Side Effects DFX 23 (BandCamp Link)
1996 Hymns for Sliced Velocities 12" Tesco Organization TESCO 027 (BandCamp Link)
1996 Menche/Small Cruel Party Split 7" MSBR MR13
1995 Legions in the Walls CD Trente Oiseaux TOC 953 (BandCamp Link)
1995 Vulgar Scratch 7" Gender-Less Kibbutz GLK06
1995 Menche/Nepanthe Split 7" Elysiam ERR 001
1995 The Chrome Homocide 7" Banned Production BPDM1
1995 Furious Eclipse 12" Soleilmoon SOLV 001 (BandCamp Link)
1994 Static Burn CD Soleilmoon SOL 26 CD (BandCamp Link)
1994 Multi Layering Termination -with MSBR 7" MSBR MR08
1993 Incineration CD Soleilmoon SOL 21 CD (BandCamp Link)

Compilations Releases
2006 Portland 3xLP RRRecords RRR-Portland (BandCamp Link)
2006 Viva Negativa! Volume 1 4xLP Vinyl-On-Demand VOD 24
2005 Sometimes Silence Is An Answer CD Soleilmoon SOL 137 CD
2005 Blank Field CD Alien8 ALIENCD53
2004 Lágrimas de Miedo 11 (Manganese) CD Fear Drop Magazine LAGR 011
2004 Dessert Addicts Will Return To This 2xCD ITUNES Ant-Zen act 171
2004 Encyclopedia-RW CD BUY Antifrost afro2024
2003 Spring Sampler CDr Beta-lactam Ring bb04
2003 Full CD BUY Antifrost afro2020
2000 Observatori 2000 CD Subterfuge 21227CD
2000 Touch Sampler 00 CD Touch T_ZERO_0
1999 Antitrade CD Ash International Ash 4.1
1997 Collabdestructivists CD Isomorphic ISO 007CD
1997 Scatter CD Ash International Ash 3.5
1997 Links Outta Here CD Generator Sound Art GSA-01
1997 Regeneration-Degenerescence 2xCD Koan 1/97
1996 A Fault in the Nothing 2xCD Ash International Ash 2.6
1996 Interference CD 23five 23five001
1996 Shiroseasons CD Shirocoal COAL 001
1996 Music Should Hurt CD Self Abuse SAD 05
1996 Bunker Archeology CD Noise Museum NM 006
1995 Precipitation CD Partial Recordings PART 006
1995 Mesmer Variations 2xCD Ash International Ash 1.8
1995 Japanese/American Noise Treaty 2xCD Relapse RR 6930-2
1992 Tarantistic Seed Plot of a World To Come 7" Road Cone RoCo 001

Short Film Soundtrack Work
2009 - 2011 FULMINATION video and sound series by Daniel Menche. Available to view on VIMEO
2008 Cerberic Doxology -with Joe Preston CD/DVD Anthem Records DD-0801
2005 Fever Dreams and Heavenly Nightmares DVD Collection Chell White, Filmmaker (Portland)
2004 Hope and Prey 25 Minute Short Film Vanessa Renwick, Filmmaker (Portland) (BandCamp Link)
2000 Soulmate 12 Minute Short Film Chell White, Filmmaker (Portland)
1998 Dirt 4 Minute Short Film Chell White, Filmmaker (Portland)